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Well-being Works Better helps business leaders promote health and well-being for all, based on the latest science.

As part of that platform, our Well-being Works Better Scorecard illuminates how your company’s efforts on workforce well-being compare to peer organizations.

This will help your company grow stronger. And your organization will be recognized by the American Heart Association, a trusted thought leader in the field of workforce well-being.


Health Equity in the Workforce Employer Resource Guide

The Health Equity in the Workforce Employer Resource Guide provides employers with an actionable blueprint to address health inequities and positively impact the health of their workforce. With detailed guidance, economic insights, and methods to measure progress, the guide gives business leaders tools to build an employee-centric, equity-minded culture of health and well-being.

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Well-being Works Better has the tools you need to lead – all in one place.

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Want to promote workforce well-being? Use these ready-to-share materials.

Driving Health Equity in the Workforce

Research shows that promoting health equity can benefit employee health and productivity and reduce health care costs. Employers can help drive health equity progress nationwide by prioritizing actions that reduce inequities – benefitting employees, their families and their communities. See our new initiative with the Deloitte Health Equity Institute and the SHRM Foundation.
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Empowering Leaders To Prioritize Employee Health

In a new Forbes spotlight, AHA celebrates companies committed to the health and well-being of their workforce and shares key insights from three executives.

The American Heart Association applauds the 2022 Workforce Well-being Scorecard organizations below for their commitment to building a culture of health and well-being.

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